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Membership Benefits

Becoming a full-time member of PaxSpace has the following benefits:
  • 24/7 access to the space. You will be given a RFID tag, PIN Code and Alarm code to use the space whenever you want.
  • Dedicated 18″x18″x30″ project storage space you can use as you like to store materials and tools.
  • Discounts on all paid training >= 25%.
  • Priority access to all training classes.

A Space To Learn

PaxSpace Inc’s primary goal is to provide a unique learning environment where the public and members can learn and share their knowledge of skills and craftsmanship. Classes or free and open to the public, though some may include a small fee to cover material costs.
  • Learn that skill that you always wanted to learn.
  • Learn that hidden talent that you thought you might have.
  • Learn the knowledge that you are tired of paying other people to do for you.
  • Learn to teach to others the skills that you have learned.

A Space to Work

PaxSpace will provide a workspace where you can work on your favorite projects with other people that also enjoy the same activities.
  • No garage full of equipment that you hardly use and cannot get your car into.
  • No projects that fill the dining room table that must be cleared away when Thanksgiving comes around again.
  • No stains on the carpet from that spill you said would never happen.

A Space with Fellow Enthusiasts

PaxSpace will bring together fellow enthusiasts, inventors, builders and hobbyist with similar interest and skills, and more importantly may have skills that you lack.
Now you can do that project that:
  • Was too big to do on your own.
  • You had %75 of the knowledge/skill do get it done but did not know where to find other %25.
  • That is completely outside your knowledge and experience.

A Space with the Tools and Equipment you require

PaxSpace will provide the tools and equipment because:
  • No individual would purchase the tool that may only be used once.
  • Is too expensive for an individual to purchase.
  • There is no space available that your spouse will let you put it.
  • Your house is not wired to supply the power required.
  • You do not know where to get the training to use the equipment properly