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Instructors Wanted

PaxSpace is a Makerspace in St. Mary’s County and is looking for volunteer and paid instructors that would like to teach arts, crafts, computers, electronics and other maker oriented training at our space.

Our Mission: PaxSpace Inc. is a community-operated physical Makerspace, where people can meet to collaborate and work on projects. Our purpose is to create a sharing environment that provides education and scientific awareness to Southern Maryland. We offer workspaces and storage for use by members to pursue projects related to art and technology. Member projects may include electronics assembly, soldering, wood working, and computer programming. PaxSpace aims to bring back the American spirit of ingenuity by building a community of makers instead of just consumers. We hope to inspire lifelong learning and innovation, while also strengthening our local community.

PaxSpace has a classroom space that can hold between 10-20 students and includes a white board and a digital projector. Other facilities include computers, electronics, soldering stations, 3D Printer, extensive wood shop, and growing metal shop capabilities.

Volunteer instructors are welcomed to share their skills and knowledge and a small fee can be added to cover material costs. All classes are open to the public.

If you are interested in a paid instruction opportunities, PaxSpace will hire you as an independent contractor per the agreement that follows. Expected compensation is estimated between $10-20 per hour. As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for setting the schedule and cost of classes per the agreement.

PaxSpace Independent Contractor Agreement.

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