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IR Lap Timing Project for FPV Quadcopter racing

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I made some progress on the Quad Copter lap Timing system this past week.  I have completed the Transmitter portion, see the pics below. What you are seeing is a long Start bit followed by 0b0010000 plus parity. Modulation is at 57.6 Khz

 I have started working on the Receiver and I think I have the base code to receive the ID from the Xmtr. But now there are a lot of architecture options on how to proceed forward and I would like some PaxSpace input. I will be there tomorrow night for Micro-Controller Monday and show what I have done so far and we can discuss the way forward.
My initial architecture is as follows:
  1. There will be 4 or more receivers talking to a base station
    1. A 5 wire ribbon cable is used to connect the Base Station to the Rcvr
      1. +5v, Gnd, SDA, SDC, Time Sync
  2. Base station is either:
    1. Arduino talking to a laptop via USB/WiFi
    2. Raspberry Pi to a laptop via USB/WiFi
  3. I2C is used to talk to the Base Station from the Rcvr
    1. The Base Station is the slave and the Rcvr are the Masters
    2. Each time the Receiver registers a Xmtr reception it transmit or I2C to the Master
    3. Each Xmtr sends the ID and the time of the event
  4. Time synchronization Options:
    1. A time sync pulse is sent once a minute or less to sync the Rcvrs. A internal timer counts milliseconds between sync pulses
    2. The sync pulse is sent at 1 Khz and a way is figured out to embed a reset pulse.
    3. An IRIG like time stamp is sent over the 1 Khz pulse train
I need some help creating the circuit boards for this project. I have done it in the past, but I think my methods are a little out dated.