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PaxSpace Sponsorships

It’s hard to believe that it has been only 6 months since we first came up with the idea of PaxSpace outside of Paul’s cube.  Within a few weeks of that first discussion we were already signing a lease and a month later opening our doors.  Since then we have grown quickly to over 30 members working on a wide range of exciting projects including a space-sponsored CNC router.  Our 3D printer is up and running with a few classes already behind us.  PaxSpace Kids had its first event last month with every seat booked with another one coming this month on the 15th.

So what’s next for PaxSpace?  Sponsorships!  In order to continue to grow our class catalog and add more equipment to the space we are looking hard for sources of income beyond our membership.  Our board is working hard to find potential sponsors through our own connections but we are also looking to our members, friends, and anyone else that believes in what we are doing to help us too.  If you feel like you might want to be a sponsor or might know of someone else please reach out to us.  We also ask that you keep an eye on our website for upcoming events and classes as we continue to grow.

Nick, VP (